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Konami sees business boost in Germany from Sony’s Playstation 3 August 20, 2009

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By Christoph Steitz

COLOGNE, Germany, Aug 19 (Reuters) – Japanese video game maker Konami Corp (9766.T) is expecting its business in Germany to benefit from the price cut for Sony Corp’s (6758.T) flagship PlayStation 3 game console, a company executive told Reuters.

“In any case, the price cut for Sony’s PlayStation 3 will help us sell more games (in Germany),” Martin Schneider, the company’s head of European marketing, said in an interview at the Gamescom trade show on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Sony said it will roll out a slimmer, cheaper version of the PS3 in the first week of September at $299 in the United States, 299 euros ($422.7) in Europe and 29,980 yen

($315.6) in Japan. It added that the price for the current model of the PS3 in Europe and the United States would be lowered as of Wednesday. [nLI152101]

“However, there could be a dampening effect due to the insolvency of Karstadt — one of our trading partners. At the moment, business there is running, but this could change before the end of the year,” Schneider said.

Karstadt department stores are part of Arcandor (AROG.DE), one of Germany’s biggest retailers, which filed for insolvency in June after its request for state help failed. [nL9454449]

Konami — which is most famous for the Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania game series — competes with Electronic Arts (ERTS.O) as well as Capcom (9697.T), famous for its Street Fighter games.

The company’s Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) directly rivals Electronic Arts’ renowned FIFA soccer brand, which has attracted a larger group of followers in Germany.

However, Schneider said that the latest version of PES was holding up well.

“In Germany, the gap (between PES and EA’s FIFA) is not getting bigger, but it’s also not getting smaller.”

In the fiscal year to March 2009, Konami generated net sales of 309.8 billion yen ($3.29 billion), while operating income amounted to 27.4 billion yen.



Sony Announces the Redesign Playstation 3 and New Firmware 3.00 August 18, 2009

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Priced at $299.00 Along with the new suprise firmware 3.00 my happiness went into overdrive . I’m currently playing MAG with the development team and media press from gamescon 2009.

Sony preparing to announce the Playstation 3 slim re-design. July 31, 2009

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Today I had an opportunity to discuss  this August 18th Sony key note address at this years GDC event with a colleague of mine who works within Sony.  Like everybody else I’m happy the direction Sony is taking with regards to their Home Services, IP’s Ratchet and Clank FTOD A crack in time.  Uncharted 2…Mag and countless others – However I do find it important Sony works on expanding their install base so things like the new Metal Gear Solid Series not to mention Square Final Fantasy XIII stay on our beloved PlayStation Platform.

And work on bring backwards compatibility back to the Playstation 3.

Another area is expanding the PlayStation Portable Demographics and software catalog. With titles that would be appropriate for young and the old gamers alike.

New Drakes Uncharted Among Thieves Look Incredible. January 23, 2009

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Almost a night to day difference with regards to the use of textures and in a recent internview its reported the team will be using the full capacity of the Playstation 3 given what I’ve seen and played with regards to Killzone 2 during the beta testing the future looks bright for beloved playstation 3.


A title I’ve been so excited I’ve been replaying Drakes Uncharted, unlocking new trophies…

Sony Wireless Keyboard SCPH-98048 Add-On is now available via Gamestop.com November 24, 2008

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Revised Playstation Site brings welcomed MySpace, Facebook Features along with a brand new Home Section. November 24, 2008

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With only weeks away from a Official Open Beta for Sony Playstation Home Concept, They been testing the Facebook, Myspace interoperability features over in Japan since Q2 of 2008. and I’m very happy to see the North American version of such services finally taking shape.

Learn How Resistance 2 Averages 60,000 Triangles per Object. By using AutoDesk Maya In House Custom Engine November 20, 2008

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Sam Sharit is a senior character artist at independent videogames developer Insomniac Games, located in sunny Southern California. His role there involves mentoring junior character artists, along with the creation and development of character-related art and systems. This includes modeling, texturing, pipeline creation, and scripting.

A classically trained artist, Sam started producing digital art in 1997. He has contributed to several AAA games, including Dark Age of Camelot, Duke Nukem Forever, Fallout 3, and Insomniac’s acclaimed Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. He also has worked on a wide range of projects outside of games, including military contracts, music videos and more. Sam lives in Los Angeles.

Sam: I have worked on several next-gen games and I can say that there really is no standard and it depends on your tech. I have never been able to make 60,000 poly models on the other games I have worked on. I was taken back a bit by how far I could push the polies here at insomniac and it really comes down to having an engine that can plow through that much geometry. I am certain that this number will continue to raise in the future for us, and as developers come to grips with the hardware you will see higher geometry counts all around.


Sony Computer Entertainment of America Introduces an Improved Look for Playstation.com November 19, 2008

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Early next week, we’ll be integrating additional community features into PlayStation.com. We are excited to roll-out the first phase, which includes the ability to sign-in to PlayStation.com and, soon after, PlayStation.Blog with your PlayStation Network ID. Of course, your PlayStation Network ID gets you access to all the good things on the PLAYSTATION 3 and PSP, including games, movies and TV shows on the PlayStation Store, online gaming, and, soon to come for PS3, PlayStation Home.

In addition, we are making enhancements to the gamer profile features. Your profile will include your PSN online ID, your avatar, and a short “about me” section. You’ll also be able to display your friends list and, on the game detail pages, you’ll be able to include ratings and reviews for all of your favorite games. These features were created so that you can make new friends, learn new tricks and tips, talk trash, offer advice, console the defeated, praise the winners, and more.

If you have an Underground account on PlayStation.com and haven’t already merged it with your PlayStation Network ID, click here to do so. If you don’t have an Underground account but would like to create a PlayStation Network account to participate in the new features on PlayStation.com, click here.

We decided to dissolve the PlayStation Underground program in order to provide more PlayStation fans with a glimpse into the PlayStation Network world via the web. We hope you enjoy this next step in the evolution of PlayStation.com.

Stay tuned; before this year is over we’ll have more enhancements for your gamer profile.


Happy Anniversary Playstation 3. November 19, 2008

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Thank You for all the wonderful memories, along with a very bright future for our beloved Playstation 3 system. Like many early adopters I paid the full retail price for my CECHA01 and after two great years Playstation 3 is truly coming into its own. With Resistance 2, Ratchet and Clank FTOD, Uncharted Drake Fortune, Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm Franchise, Little Big Planet. With the Playstation Home just around the corner. And games like Guerrilla Studios Killzone in which I’ve been beta testing for Sony.  The future is bright!

Sony Computer Entertainment of Japan, Streams the Complete TGS Conference via The Playstation 3 October 14, 2008

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Thanks to the new firmware 2.50, many new wonderful features have arisen. I just finished watching one of four broadcast segments in High Definition, however it’s unclear if its FlV, or MPEG-4 streaming.  What ever it is I love it! Thank you Sony, its as if you were there in person another new feature is a search function found in the video section of the Playstation Store.

I’ll be up-loading photo’s of the conference  being stream via a North American Playstation 3 system, soon. Another new feature is Divx Video on Demand Services, providing a code unique to the Playstation 3 system allowing for playback of Divx VOD Services.  Which allows you rent or purchase Divx VOD Content for use with Divx Certified Players.