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Hideo Kojima: Working on new Metal Gear Solid Game for the Playstation 3. May 28, 2009

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Kojima Next Project has been revealed as a new Installment of the Metal Gear Series Now known as Metal Gear Solid 5. Completing the story behind Big Boss Character and Raiden’s past which leads to the MGS4. 


Second Metal Gear Solid On-line Expansion Pack to be Playable at TGS 08 October 1, 2008

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Still playing Metal Gear Online? If you are, you’ve probably played the original game and the first expansion “Gene” to death already. It might just be about time for a new expansion; Konami seems to agree. According to these new magazine scans, MGO’s second expansion dubbed “Meme” will feature both Liquid Ocelot and Mei Ling as new prized characters.

Then there are a handful of new maps: Silo Sunset, Forest Firefight and Winter Warehouse. It shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out what those maps will look like judging by their respective titles. Silo Sunset, however, seems to be set in an area with ruined buildings and not actually inside a massive silo.

A price and date has not been specified, though we can’t imagine that a price would be any different from the previous Gene expansion. It looks like the earliest anyone would be getting their hands on the new expansion would be at Tokyo Game Show — where it will be open to the public.

Konami: Metal Gear Solid Existence possibly shown at TGS 08 September 19, 2008

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Always one to sniff out new trademarks, Siliconera points us in the direction of “Metal Gear Solid Existence.” It’s a name Konami filed in the Japanese Trademark database. We can’t say for sure what this title will be used for — is this some sort of new game altogether or is it the name of an MGS4 re-release a la Substance and Subsistence? It certainly seems to fit the shoe of the latter category.

However, all we have to go with right now is a name; there’s not enough facts and evidence to say for sure. It might not ever be used. So for now, we’re filing this under ‘rumors.’ Perhaps with Tokyo Game Show just around the bend, we might hear of something official soon.


Full PES 2009 details revealed. September 11, 2008

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 will be released on October 17th for PlayStation 3,  and comes complete with a fully-licensed UEFA Champions League mode, MCV can reveal.

Konami has also fired a warning shot at rival EA, insisting that Pro Evolution Soccer is still far superior to the FIFA franchise.

“It is all very well for EA to say that FIFA is making great strides, but general opinion suggests that they still have a long way to go before they can match the intuitive and absorbing gameplay of Pro Evolution Soccer,” said Konami’s PES team leader Jon Murphy.

“That is not to say that we are resting on our laurels, though. PES 2009 has a vast number of new additions that elevate it far beyond anything anyone else is doing.”

Konami has secured the Champions League licence for four years, which allows the firm to use all the elements and attributes of the popular competition within PES.

The publisher has also signed agreements with Premier League clubs Liverpool and Manchester United, giving it permission to use the players, kits and logos from both teams in the title.