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Hideo Kojima: Working on new Metal Gear Solid Game for the Playstation 3. May 28, 2009

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Kojima Next Project has been revealed as a new Installment of the Metal Gear Series Now known as Metal Gear Solid 5. Completing the story behind Big Boss Character and Raiden’s past which leads to the MGS4. 


Hideo Kojima to unveil new project at Next Years Tokyo Game Show October 14, 2008

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Tokyo Game Show 2008 on October 12, the last day, Sony in KONPYUTAENTATEINMENTOJAPANBUSU, “PLAYSTATION3 × KONAMI METAL GEAR SOLID 4-The Global Challenge-” Talk, and the event was held entitled. It was the rostrum, KONAMI, and the director Hideo Kojima said Hirokazu Hamamura of Enterbrain. The story was the subject of the PlayStation 3 and future games, the characteristics of the globalization of the industry, said. 

 As you know, the overwhelming pride graphic Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots, the demo movies borders of the screen play and keep making it the biggest attraction. Around the world the best Games in history, has been highly praised the quality and a new memory, the PlayStation era, “run out of the movie,” and the theme of software development for Mr. Kojima has faced, “finally came up here?” Relief Have a strong feeling better. Hamamura said: “The movie is like the old games were the words, the goods to another. The game’s characters seem to actors” and expressed, the persistency of the Director of his own. 

  “Demo sequence (gameplay and a continued demonstration is composed of), all the less capable and can be moved as well. To some extent them to concentrate on demonstrations, but the action is to gauge stress Change, or flash back and see what動KASHITARA camera, or those that are devised. This high processing power of the PlayStation 3, are able to render in real time. This is very typical of the game Approach, the most in the field of specialty. But I have stood with her friends and family can watch as the film quality is also a goal. ” 

Indeed, it now also works with the final chapter, part of a long sequence of demonstrations. For this discussion is positive that it is the digital age limits for movies and games that are no longer a gradually certainly. And the film’s director, and from the game, or loyalty to it, not watching the film, if the user feel? What is development? Is the most important. “(Part of a long sequence or a demonstration or short) that the 10-year debate, 20 years later we are no longer” (Kojima). The movie is a great coach like the unique philosophy of entertainment, visitors from NOKKE a hit. 

Next, the World Tour 2008 was held prior to the release of the video. The enthusiasm of fans of other countries horrendously, anywhere “HIDEO!” Roll Call, happens. Dancing just overjoyed. “In France, as one could feel the danger”, “” I Love You “is said, too. But most men (laughs last )”,”” uncle you! “They remember the mistaken the Japanese fans had come” to the flowers and the story behind the story, but Hamamura said, “But Overseas stretch of the game market is really, you know the “rapid deployment story in words. Hideo Kojima in Japan’s game industry in the sense of alarm, “from five years before I’m saying, frankly, the situation is dangerous,” cried the shocking words. He also continued. 

  “Looking at international games in recent plunge. Technically, I’m almost lost” (The) 

That made the game so the developers say思ENU, Hamamura said: “Really?!? The team also Metal Gear Solid?” And looked a little embarrassed. But “I’m lost. Our challenge is to catch up overseas in the past year or two? Is a very dangerous situation” and a serious look. 

In fact, is selling it overseas from Japan is not only about the title of count. As one of the causes, the creator Hideo Kojima, the media is the lack of a sense of crisis, and the huge foreign capital is not made in Japan. 

  “In overseas countries to support them is the game industry, Hollywood has taken root system. Talented creators from all over the world come to catch a giant budget (budget), but the burden of high risk to develop .鍛ETA in Hollywood where the smell did not say is that “(Kojima) 

The introduction of new hardware is necessary, and naturally the research expenses. In particular, the difference here is with foreign countries like Japan, “recently come to this difference has been remarkable,”呈SU candid advice. In addition, in recent years to the United States is a serious talent drain. “Go to the talented people of the United States? Not. Games of the outgoing Japanese culture in the world will be watching to make important,” said Hideo Kojima, Hamamura said: ” Sold in Japan and abroad to make money is ideal, “tuning. So what can we do? 

“Japan’s game industry, and we have not seen the real” (Kojima) 

The word was profoundly heavy. As the creator of the first stage to have a global perspective is important. But on the other hand, “a Japanese-specific sense, game design, the service brought about the prosperity of the spirit of the game for sure. It’s a good use of that広GEMASHOU. Never, in the United States and Japan And, with the Americans to victory in the world, is not it. Japan should not lose the sense, “he said. 

Global development – the rise in Japan’s game industry have been calls, and do not realize that most software makers. Technical issues, financial issues and challenges are many, Mr. Kojima, “the younger generation with GANBARITAI people. Japanese and I want to play together globally. I will continue to make the game to death” Visitors and, of course, Yale sent the entire industry. Our media is also deeply thought-provoking words. 

The story of Metal Gear Solid series were about the future. Hamamura’s “series, what will become the next” question “is ardent RABUKORU that is for sure, but the idea is now (laughs)”, but “in the development of new hardware, 2, 3作品目のほうが脂が乗ってくる。今年の年末は『メタルギア オンライン』で手一杯だけど、来年のゲームショウでは何か発表ができるのかな、これ言ってもいいのかな(笑)」と意味A deep voice.膨RAMANAI to hear that no one would have expected. 

I have read and understand it, so that in the talk show, a small island on the world stage director of the unique connotation of the word pop. The reporter’s last words on the most印象深KATTA want to be. 

“(Hamamura said,” have been difficult to develop for the PlayStation 3? From a variety of software maker was struggling to hear a good story “to the question) I’m making more difficult. Everyone to give up, and shout advantage. It impossible to be the theme of my life. It is impossible, as almost 90 percent is not impossible. Have no precedent, tired or just difficult. But I do it will be easily evaluated. To do all it can be difficult to place. Making it difficult to have a defect in expression, but complex and sophisticated PlayStation 3 is very is hard, but I do not want GANBAREMASU it. ”

There’s has been rumors that Mr.Kojima has been visiting Guerrilla & Insomniac Studios in research of growing trends among First Person Shooter studios. In efforts of creating a Kojima Productions first FPS title?