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Capcom: Onimusha 2009 Film Adaptation should be made into a Playstation 3 Exculsive. January 27, 2009

Posted by Admin in Capcom of Japan, Onimusha Film Adaption 2009, Onimusha Series, Playstation 3.

One of my favorite Playstation 2 past times has always been the Onimusha Series Franchises, Takeshi Kaneshiro playing the lead role;


As Samanosuke Akechi in the new Adaptation of the film scheduled for a fall 2009 release into theaters no one realy knows that Health Ledger;


was cast to play Roberto, the Spaniard from Dawn of Dreams.

However the film has been put on hold until they name a replacement for Ledger. I hope Capcom can resurect this franchise from the past, I would love to see what they can do with the Playstation 3 hardware.  A perfect middle ware  would be Capcom RES 5+ Newly developed Engine.

More information about the film can be found here  currently Paramount Studios is currentl working with Director Samuel Hadida on the film.



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