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SlantSix Studios Shows off New Map Called The Fallen September 30, 2008

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By now, everyone’s seen the seventh map for SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation. Fallen is probably my favorite map out of the new ones, and I’m curious to see the response to it. 

The overall idea is that Fallen is an abandoned Roman temple in Northern Africa. It was abandoned ages ago, but has recently become a point of contention for forces in the area. Its isolated location and mountainous surroundings make it easy to defend, so it will be an important tactical asset to whichever side captures it.

The interiors are broken down and blasted, but there is obvious reconstruction and fortification work underway. There are track lights along the floor, a tank full of gas for a generator outside, and scaffolding holding up both an underground tunnel (which looks like a mine) and set up outside both bases.

Fallen is one of those semi-symmetrical maps. While the bases are not exact mirror images of each other, the Commandos and Mercs have similar assets on each side of the central area. Both bases have two bridges and a path leading down into the water surrounding the temple itself.

The layout is pretty spectacular, too. There is plenty of room to run and fight, but the wide-open areas are littered with broken columns and debris that can result in some pretty decent cover in an emergency situation. The central ruins are an enclosed room, but it connects to two smaller rooms for more mayhem and fun.

The mix of architecture, design, and just sheer fun to be had in this map is great. I love playing on it.

Check out the screenshots and video and let me know what you think of this map so far!



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