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Playstation 4 to be Cell Broadband Based. September 30, 2008

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My opinion: A Dual-Core CELL Broadband Based platform with a total of 16 SPE’s (8 SPE’s per Core) with 1GB of Unified XDR Memory Bus  with 512MB of GDDR 3 Dedicated Video Ram and a 8X Blu-Ray Drive (12x to 16X  by the time we come upon year 2011) along with a 160GB Sata II 2.5 Drive would be a great configuration.

Currently IBM has a PowerXCell 8i Processor running in around 6GHZ, The Playstation 3 does fully support both Sata I and II queries commands. However because of its currently controller chip-set it’s limited to data transfers up to 150MB burst per sec. When compared to SATA II 300MB burst per sec.

Please see ISSCC 2007 Announcement link 



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