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New Screen shots of Final Fantasy Dissidia for the Playstation Portable September 27, 2008

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“Dark Knight and a Paladin fight switched to a” style change “concept. Dark knight with a good head against the ground, is slow to move to the excellent attack power. Paladin a good game in the air, move quickly, Excels is in defense, “said Takahashi, director of planning

The most powerful black magic man of armor. In the original to get a crystal, from the shadow of the kingdom of Baron a plot to dominate巡RASHI. Mitsunori Takahashi’s planning director, said “the development of the concept GORUBEZA, in the first inning of a range of different kinds of techniques to invoke the” double action “. Short and long-distance KURI出SHI skills at the same time, both hit Depending on whether the changes to the combo

Dissidia: FF, a character’s face was arranged in a move the pieces do not move. The enemy of my pieces to be placed next to the bridge and plunge into battle. The battle to win back to the screen again to move the pieces. In addition, during the Battle of the stage, it is the end of the recovery’s strength. Equipment on board with a treasure chest, and the restorative potion can be arranged, so use them well

There’s new video up for  Dissidia Final Fantasy. link



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