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Playstation 3 to start showing off its true potential 4Q 2008 well into 2009 September 25, 2008

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Scott Steinberg gets a little feisty in a blog entry for Edge Online — he outlines the advantages of the PS3 and issues a big warning to its rivals. “I’ve got bad news for you because we’ve got some absolute blockbusters that are in the works … that we’re building specifically for the PS3 … our competitors are going to have a tougher road now then even in 2008.”

“Choice” is the central theme of the piece. According to the Steinberg, the PS3 owner has the freedom of choice: between Blu-ray and downloadable movies or between “blockbusters” titles and games from “creative little garage companies.” Other more abstract notions of that idea include the wide selection of games and movies on the PSN without requiring a subscription. Even the hardware itself — “the technology, the Cell processor, the horsepower under that hood” — was listed as an asset developers can choose to take advantage of, even years down the road.

Steinberg promises that in a few years, the PS3 will “separate from the herd.” He boasts that Sony has the “development resources to showcase on a global basis the diversity and the creativity of a development team that’s a thousand strong.” Some strong words there, sir! To read the entire keynote, head over to Edge Online.



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