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Namco Bandai builds yet another arcade game based upon the highly successful Playstation 3 Artechiture. September 17, 2008

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Namco Bandai is no stranger to System 357. The PlayStation 3 based arcade hardware was chosen for Tekken 6. In spring 2009 it’s going to be used to power Razing Storm too. The newly announced light gun game is set in 2030 where your mission is to shoot terrorists in South America. A hyper vibrating machine gun controller is your weapon.

 So what does the power of the System 357 board add to the game? It’s supposed to produce beautiful graphics on a 62 inch monitor. The screenshots are far from jaw dropping, but it looks like the environments can be completely trashed. I’m less interested in the graphics, though. Razing Storm also has an advanced artificial intelligence system where enemies react to broken buildings and your actions. This sounds like an improvement over what the usual light gun zombie does, which is running up to the front of the screen so you can pull off a pointblank shot.



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