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Sony Computer Entertainment of America to Announce New Eye of Judgement Series 3 Cards, News Update September 14, 2008

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Updated 09/15/08

THE EYE OF JUDGMENT™: SET.3 expansion pack arrives this October on PLAYSTATION®Network

New 101-card expansion pack brings new creatures, powers and gameplay

New cards give players amazing new creatures, abilities and attack options
New features make the game deeper and more accessible – get involved now!

Download it from PLAYSTATION®Network this October and get the cards in stores Following last year’s release of the groundbreaking –

THE EYE OF JUDGMENT™ 3D trading card game for PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™), the second expansion pack for the title is arriving on October 16th 2008. Biolith Rebellion SET.3 brings an all-new set of 101 cards to expand your THE EYE OF JUDGMENT™ experience with outlandish new creatures, fearsome new attacks, devious new strategies and thrilling new gameplay. The pack comes as a download available exclusively from PLAYSTATION®Network; bolstered by new trading cards available in booster packs at retail.

Released in October 2007, THE EYE OF JUDGMENT™ remains a unique and critically-acclaimed concept in video gaming. Combining trading cards with the immense power of PS3 and PLAYSTATION®Eye, the strategic fantasy game allows players (who can play online as well as face-to-face) to watch the characters on their cards come to life and do battle in High Definition. Players draw cards from their deck and lay them onto the game mat underneath the PLAYSTATION®Eye camera, which then relays codes from the cards to the PS3 where they transform into incredible animations. The cards in Biolith Rebellion SET.3 bring the total number of available cards up to 311, creating a more involved and strategically-open gaming experience.

As well as a menagerie of new creatures with their own tribes, attributes and backgrounds, Biolith Rebellion SET.3 brings a wealth of other content, including trophies and a set of new abilities that encourage more tactical playing based on creature formation and the player’s battle plan. In addition to this, SET.3 adds bonus material to give fans background information about THE EYE OF JUDGMENT™ along with many more game-enriching features.

Whether you play THE EYE OF JUDGMENT™ against PS3, against a friend or against an opponent from anywhere in the world via PLAYSTATION®Network, Biolith Rebellion SET.3 is an addition to your gaming experience that’s not to be missed. And, if you’re yet to join the battle, there’s never been a better time to enter the fray! Visit www.eyeofjudgment.com to find out more.



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