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Little Big Planet to support Home integration. August 25, 2008

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In a recent interview with Eurogramer.net Alex Evans had this to day regarding Home.

Eurogamer: In terms of the cold economics of it, when you talk about post-launch support… You’re talking in terms of paid content packs, right?

Alex Evans: I’m basically saying that all options are open. I can definitely say that there will be content that will be available to people free of charge. I’m just not saying exactly what the content is going to be right now.

I can also say that if there’s any way we can reward the community, we’ll go there. If the people are clamouring for big chunks of content, it would make total sense for us to do it. We’re just exploring all options at this point. Sequels? Yeah, why not! DLC, why not? Paid-for content, why not?

'Media Molecule's Alex Evans' Screenshot 8

“I can also say that if there’s any way we can reward the community, we’ll go there.”

It’s at that stage where we’ll do whatever really supports the community, and keeps it really vibrant. There are a lot of ways we could pursue that, and a lot of it will be down to being sensitive to what people want. Certainly, in the spirit of breadth, the constraint I’m looking for now is just seeing what people want. We’re ready, we’re bubbling away – all we’re waiting to do is constrain ourselves such that we can do something really awesome in this direction, or that direction, depending on what people are hungry for.

Eurogamer: You’re launching in October – and Sony’s other big online fascination, Home, is popping up sometime soon as well. Does LittleBigPlanet do anything with Home? Do they work together at all?

Alex Evans: I know that team really well – actually, it was interesting, there was a presentation done within Home, back at GDC I think, and they built a LittleBigPlanet space. Sony built that for us. It was fantastic, the collaboration worked really well. We went back and forth with them, sent them some assets – and they produced this room which was incredible.

The thing about Home is, they’re a team that’s just down the road from us. There is loads of scope for us to work with them, and I’m looking forward to getting the LittleBigPlanet space in there, working on it and making it cool.

The short answer, though, is that I can’t announce anything right now – but I’ve already seen great LittleBigPlanet content in Home, which was at that conference and which was public, and I think it’s a great sign that that was possible with a very small amount of time and a small amount of effort. I think we could do something really cool with it, but at this stage, I can’t say what the plan is.




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