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Software Enables PS2 to Play Online Videos. August 7, 2008

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US venture BroadQ LLC unveiled a software application that enables the PlayStation 2 (PS2) to play video content on the Internet at “Building Blocks 2008,” a content- and technology-related event that is taking place in San Jose, Calif.

The company demonstrated the software, “Qtv,” for the first time at the event, it said.

In 2002, BroadQ released “QCast for the PlayStation 2,” another software application that enables the PS2 to play content (image, video and music files) that users have stored on their PCs and other devices. To develop Qtv, the company redeveloped QCast from scratch, adding the capability to play Internet video, etc, it said.

“The PS2 has sold 125 million units all over the world, continuing to sell even now,” BroadQ said. “We consider the PS2 as an influential hardware platform,”

Qtv can process up to 720p resolution videos, supporting video encoding technologies including MPEG2, FLV (Flash Video), H.264 and DivX. To make the software support those video encoding technologies, BroadQ employed a technology developed by CoreCodec Inc of the US.

The Qtv system uses a server run by BroadQ along with the software on the terminal side. Using this server, the software can download and build up necessary metadata through online video distribution services and make Qtv display information on available online videos.

In addition to these capabilities, users can customize Qtv. For example, while using API (application programming interface) available from online video distributors, users can set keywords related to their favorite videos on the Website run by BroadQ. Using the company’s system, users can choose and display videos related to those keywords on their terminals.

BroadQ is planning to release Qtv at US$49.95 sometime around fall 2008. Also, it is planning to disclose and sell its software applications for mobile phones and PCs at the same time. In addition to selling the software by itself, the company is considering incorporating its software applications in set top boxes and other items manufactured by other companies.




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