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Should Sony make Backwards Compatibility a standard feature? July 27, 2008

Posted by Admin in Industry.

Given all the recent post over at the official forums, 87% of individuals who were polled when asked which out of all the existing configurations which is your preferred choice?  The majority of the people polled, all stated the original CECHA01 60Gb is the best abread of PlayStation 3 systems.

And when selling the units, after pointing out the key differences between the Existing 80Gb MGS 4 Bundle and 40Gb people tend to prefer having Backwards Compatibility as one of the driving features. 

Key Specifications 

Along with the advantages the built-in Media Card reader helps family and love ones to seamlessly share photo’s and memories without  the need of computer system. Of course it’s also helps having a copy of Pixar Ratatouille showing the beauty of Blu-Ray. After doing some research I have found keeping backwards compatibility only cost Sony $27.00 dollars per unit. So why not? Given the sales increase for the month of June up  311% last year to date.

I think long term this will hurt Sony rather then help them? There’s still a vast majority of PlayStation 2 market end users who still haven’t made the switch to the new generation.



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