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Star Wars: Battlefront III Comming to Playstation 3. July 11, 2008

Posted by Admin in Software.

Sometimes, retailers will make a very simple mistake that benefits gamers everywhere. According to IGN, Amazon made such a mistake two days ago, which has led to the following possible revelation: Star Wars: Battlefront III is headed to the PlayStation 3 (among other platforms) at some point.

Amazon tossed up a listing for the third Battlefront on Tuesday, and it showed six scheduled platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, PSP and DS. Now, those have all been removed (probably at the request of the publisher, or possibly because they weren’t correct), but “two independent sources” confirmed to IGN that Battlefront III is indeed a reality. Furthermore, it’s most certainly coming to the PS3 – that much wasn’t a typo – and the team behind it? Free Radical Design, who are responsible for the critically acclaimed TimeSplitters franchise. Of course, they also did Haze, which many of us would just as soon forget, but hey, all good developers have hiccups every now and then. And this information does seem accurate; Free Radical announced two years ago that it had cemented an agreement with LucasArts to start work on a “top-secret property.”

Well, perhaps it ain’t so “top secret,” anymore. We don’t think it’ll pop up next week at E3, but we are hoping for confirmation from LucasArts at some point in the very near future.




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