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Samsung teams up with Blockbuster to promote Blu-ray In Taiwan July 9, 2008

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TAIPEI, Taiwan — Samsung yesterday announced its Blu-ray disc player in Taiwan, collaborating with

Tsann Kuen and Blockbuster to expand the Blu-ray market.The new Blu-ray disc player supports uncondensed Dolby Digital 5.1 and output 7.1ch. When paired with the Blu-ray disc, a higher resolution is provided. Viewers will experience a better visual and audio effect, as if they are part of the scene.Samsung expects that the Blu-ray market will increase rapidly, replacing the DVD player in two or three years completely. Samsung hopes that by collaborating with Tsann Kuen and Blockbuster, leading companies of their industries, the Blu-ray market will increase as soon as possible.
Samsung manager Li Je-rong believes that with strong channel assistance from Blockbuster and Tsann Kuen, consumers will become more familiar with Blu-ray.
Chang Chen-li, manager of Blockbuster Taiwan, said before the end of July, Blockbuster will accomplish the rent service of Blu-Ray discs. In the beginning, 50 Blu-ray discs will be provided at each store. They estimate that in the next six months, at least 100 discs will be provided to consumers. Blockbuster will also set up Samsung Blu-Ray disc player in appointed stores, and consumers can experience the Blu-ray effect for free.
Blu-ray DVDs at Blockbuster will be rented for NT$150 apiece, compared with NT$100 for regular DVDs.
One needs to have a Blu-ray DVD player plus a high-definition television set to enjoy the full effects of films in the Blu-ray format.

Now, the cost of Samsung’s Blu-ray disc player is NT$22,900, while Blu-ray disc players in general range from NT$17,000 to NT$30,000. A regular DVD player can be as cheap as NT$1,000 to NT$2,000.

Experts said the cost Blu-ray disc players is expected to decline rapidly in the next few years, and at that time, it will have a higher chance of replacing the regular DVD players.





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