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Playstation 3 Firmware 2.40 July 3, 2008

Posted by Admin in Firmware Updates.

Dear friends;

With regards to newest features found in the new firmware 2.40 many in which are not broken? But lays the foot print for better things to come in very near future, like video on demand services which Sony during the E3 2008 conference will unveil.

I’ve heard numerous individuals complaining how existing Playstation 3 themes do not currently support the new icons for In-game trophies please keep in mind this can be easily fixed simply by providing the updated icons in the icon folder when creating a Playstation 3 theme.

For more information please visit: How to Create Playstation 3 Theme’s

It’s just a matter of referencing the appropriate icon for the desired service or feature.

Expect this Thursday Weekly updated to include new or revised theme that support the new services.

As mentioned before by another user making the clock transparent giving the user the option of either having on or off. Or visible only when pressing the PS button would be a great idea.

I like many others enjoy keeping my XMB clean away from clutter. You can also improve the overall speed of the XMB while in game by using the default XMB theme?

In brighter notes: For the Home Theater Buffs out there I did enjoy the support for DVD/BMVD (DTS-ES, DTS-ES MATRIX And DTS-MATRIX) Further more the support for up scaling user created content is big plus.

In addition to new AV Setting found when playback of Non-HD content
Frame Noise Reduction
Block Noise Reduction

Has been added to the control menu

Playing a Audio CD has now support for PCM output.

The PSN Store has been greatly improved with regards to responsiveness.



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