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Firmware 2.40 Expands on Backwards Compatibility. July 3, 2008

Posted by Admin in Firmware Updates.

There’s reports comming from all over the Internet that Firmware 2.40 actual expanded on its Backwards Compatibility.

One of those “not listed” upgrades.

While doing some tests on the new 2.40 on my 80GB model of the PS3, I found that it was actually playing a PS2 game it wasn’t previously.

The title is Mana Khemia and it was previously unplayable in the other firmwares. It just wouldn’t load up at all and now, it just happens to work perfectly.

This could be an indication of other PS2 titles that didn’t work with the 80GB to be working now so I suggest you test out some of your PS2 titles to see what works now that didn’t before.

Always fun to find hidden updates- but I wonder why they didn’t add “additional ps2 support for 80gb models” in their list of changes? Surely it’s a positive thing.

Another User Wrote:
I can confirm that naruto ultimate ninja 3 now correctly works on my 80 gig. It used to freeze during the movies and now it doesn’t. Thank you sony


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